Gum health is important for retaining our natural teeth for as long as possible, as well as our overall health and well-being, yet our gums are often overlooked when it comes to our dental hygiene.

The flesh of our gums is responsible for protecting the roots of our teeth and keeping periodontal disease at bay. If the gums are compromised, a variety of problems can occur, one of the most common being gum recession. The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique is an effective minimally invasive alternative to tradition gum grafts for treating gum recession.

What is gum recession and what causes it?

Gum recession is the name given to a condition where the gum tissue pulls away from the edges of the tooth. This can make the teeth appear longer than usual, while also causing gaps to develop between the teeth and gums.

Gum recession can have a variety of different causes. Some of the key factors that contribute to the development of the condition include:

Brushing your teeth too hard. Although you might think that aggressive brushing means you are doing a better job of keeping your teeth clean, you could actually be damaging your dental enamel as well as the soft tissues of the gums, pushing them away from the bottom of the teeth.

Trauma. Injury or other damage to gum tissue can cause it to recede.

Bruxism. This condition is characterized by grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep and is known for increasing the risk of gum recession.

Periodontitis. Also known as gum disease, periodontitis is an infection of your gum tissues which is caused when plaque spreads from your teeth onto the gum. In its earliest stages, gum periodontitis has mild symptoms but as the condition progresses it can cause severe pain, tooth loss and infections that spread to other parts of your body.

How do I know if I am suffering from gum recession?

Aside from your teeth seeming longer than usual, other symptoms of gum recession include:

  • Sore, red and bleeding gums, especially after brushing or flossing

  • Visible reduction in gum size

  • Exposed tooth roots

  • Bad breath

  • Teeth that seem loose

Treating gum recession with the Chao Pinhole technique

Until fairly recently, gum grafts have been the only solution for a receding gum line. This involves taking some tissue from another part of the mouth, often the palate, and using it to build up the gum line so that any exposed roots are covered, and the teeth look a regular length. However, this process is highly invasive and requires considerable healing.

Fortunately, an increasing number of dentists, including our own Dr. T. Merrell Williams are now offering a revolutionary new, minimally-invasive treatment for gum recession known as the Chao Pinhole technique.

What happens during Chao Pinhole gum recession surgery?

The Chao Pinhole technique involves your dentist making a series of small adjustments to the gum tissue, loosening, expanding and lifting it so that it covers the tooth root and sits more attractively against the teeth.

The procedure itself is performed through a tiny pin-sized hole from which the procedure gets its name. The entire process is scalpel, suture and graft-free, meaning that the process is minimally invasive and, with the use of local anesthetic, completely painless. You can go home shortly after the procedure and will only need to attend a check-up for your dentist to assess the success of your procedure a few days later.

Benefits of choosing Chao Pinhole technique to treat gum recession

The Chao Pinhole technique offers patients a number of different advantages including:

  • No incisions, so no sutures

  • No need to graft tissue from another part of the body

  • No concern about rejecting new body tissues

  • Less bleeding

  • Less post-operative pain

  • Faster, simpler recovery process

  • Results are visible immediately after surgery

  • Long-lasting results

If you would like to learn more about the Chao Pinhole technique for gum recession, or if you would like to discuss your candidacy for this revolutionary treatment, our dedicated team would be happy to schedule you an appointment. To learn more, call our Tampa office today at 813-517-0100, or our Wesley Chapel location at 813-973-7770.