Healthy gums to preserve your smile

You might be surprised to learn that gum disease is associated with many chronic conditions, including diabetes, respiratory infections, and even heart disease, but there is a mouth-body connection. If your gums are inflamed, swollen or bleeding, Dr. Williams can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and gum disease treatment plan to restore your gums – and you – to optimal health.

Dental implants to restore your smile

Having missing teeth caused you embarrassment or discomfort? Dr. Williams has advanced training in the placement of dental implants. In just a few visits, he can fill in gaps, replace damaged teeth and restore your beautiful smile. If you’re planning on replacing missing teeth, make Dr. Williams your number-one choice.

Sedation dentistry to ease your fears

Many people fear gum treatment or oral surgery. Dr. Williams understands. He has a compassionate manner that will put you at ease and he offers several sedation dentistry options, including safe IV sedation, oral conscious sedation, and nitrous oxide, to keep you comfortable throughout treatment.

Facial rejuvenation to renew your confidence

A healthy smile does wonders for your appearance. So does a youthful countenance. As a certified provider of Botox and dermal fillers, Dr. Williams uses the same skill and precision that he brings to every dental procedure to create natural-looking enhancements for patients just like you!

The board-certified care you want: