Many patients are concerned about the potential spread of germs when they visit their dentist. After all, many of the contagious diseases that we face are transmitted through bodily fluids that either enters the skin or the mucous membranes. All responsible dentists take proactive steps to control and reduce the risk of infection that dental treatment presents and they do this in a variety of ways. Some of the standard practices that they employ to do this include:


-       Rigorous, regular handwashing

-       Using personal protective equipment including gloves, face shields/masks, eyeglasses and aprons

-       Cleaning and disinfecting the treatment room

-       Cleaning and sterilizing all equipment

-       Disposing of biohazardous material correctly


We understand that peace of mind is absolutely crucial to our patients, particularly in the current time. So, to further our commitment to infection control and protect our staff and patients, we have invested in an additional technological solution which reduces the risk of spreading germs in a dental office even further. This is the Purevac HVE.

What is the Purevac HVE?

Purevac HVE (high-volume evacuation) is an oral evacuation device that provides moisture control during dental procedures that typically produce a large amount of fluid. Examples include ultrasonic scaling, air polishing, and restorative procedures that use high-speed dental handpieces.


How does the Purevac HVC help to prevent the spread of germs?

The majority of harmful microorganisms (bacterial, viral, fungal, etc) are actually transmitted in bodily fluids such as blood and saliva. By using a device that removes as much moisture as possible, minimizing the spraying, splattering, and general distribution of bodily fluids into the environment, dentists can provide a greater level of infection control within the setting. 


Most dental offices use an extraction device that offers low volume evacuation. However, the PurevacÒ HVE device removes a much higher volume of fluid and can also effectively evacuate aerosols and splatter. This is important since studies have found that contaminated aerosols can travel nearly 8 feet and bacteria levels in the air can increase by up to 5 times during treatment.


Benefits of the Purevac HVE

There is a range of different benefits provided by the Purevac HVE. These include the following:


-       The Purevac HVE provides visibility and suction in one hand, giving dentists greater maneuverability while performing the treatment. 


-       The level of fluid that can be removed using the Purevac HVE is significantly greater at 135% more than a low-volume saliva ejector.


-       The Purevac HVE is 69% lighter and 130% more flexible than a standard HVE hose and comes with 360% swivel for maximum convenience.


-       The level of noise is also up to 14% less than a standard HVE, giving the patient greater peace of mind and a better overall experience.


-       The Purevac HVE provides continuous suction to achieve high volume evacuation of potentially contaminated aerosols, splatter, fluid, and any debris.

For more information about infection control in dental offices, or to talk to us about the Purevac HVE, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.