You are not alone if you have recently discovered that you need to get a periodontics treatment. Research shows that almost 50 percent of adults in the U.S. have some form of gum disease. The problem causes inflammation and then tooth and bone loss. The good news is that LANAP® treatment gives them a way to solve this problem.

What Is LANAP Treatment?


LANAP is a laser-assisted, FDA-approved procedure for treating gum disease. It helps regenerate bone and gum tissue to its healthy and original form. The treatment is beneficial for patients taking medications like blood thinners. It also works for those fearful of surgical procedures that use scalpels.




During your consultation, your dentist will do an oral examination to determine your eligibility. They will allow you to ask any questions you may have and they will explain everything to help you have a better understanding of the treatment. You will get the chance to discuss your worries and fears.


Your dentist can also take a digital X-ray of your mouth if required. Doing so will help them determine how severe the condition is to diagnose it accurately. They can ask for a CT scan if they suspect more problems or want a detailed evaluation.


Treatment Day 


When you return for the LANAP treatment, you may receive a local anesthetic to reduce any discomfort while undergoing the procedure. A laser fiber will be placed between your teeth and gums to remove infected gum tissue and bacteria. The laser wavelength used only targets the infected tissue, ensuring that your other healthy tissue will not be affected or damaged.


After that, your dentist will clean the tartar from your tooth root surface using special hand tools and an ultrasonic scaler. The laser will then thoroughly clean the gum pockets. Next, your dentist will form a blood clot stable enough to seal the gum pockets by changing the laser settings. Doing so will prevent germs from re-entering the gum pockets. Your gum will reattach to your tooth root as it continues healing.


Your dentist will treat 50 percent of your oral cavity during the procedure. You can expect to drive yourself back home after the treatment. LANAP treatment takes approximately two hours to complete. 




You are likely to experience a mild throbbing, soreness, and aching around the treatment site for some days. However, using pain medication can give you relief. You may feel a slight difference in your teeth's alignment, and the tissue enwrapping your teeth may appear discolored for a short period.


Follow Up


Since teeth shift when the gums are healing, your dentist should adjust your bite severally after healing. They can use splints to immobilize and stabilize your teeth to facilitate better healing. It is ideal to go for teeth cleaning every three-month interval for at least a year.


Place icepacks for at least 15 minutes if you experience any swelling. It will not be possible to brush and floss your teeth for a few days after the procedure. Try to eat soft foods as your gums heal. Also, avoid smoking.


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