Soft tissue grafts correct the effects of gum recession. The grafting process involves a quick and simple surgery. The periodontist builds the gum back by grafting healthy gum tissue to the areas with gum recession. They remove the healthy tissue from the roof of your mouth.



How Does Gum Recession Occur?



A healthy mouth should have pink gums that snuggly wrap around all your teeth. But due to different reasons, the gum tissue can wear away and lead to exposure of the roots of teeth. The process is so subtle and slow that most people tend not to notice. It leaves the roots of teeth vulnerable to bacteria, leading to cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease.



Benefits of Soft Tissue Grafts



This procedure is ideal for gums with a severe recession. It helps cover the roots of teeth, protecting them from decay. It also prevents further recession of the gums and bone loss.



Restores Your Beautiful Smile



When you have gum recession, you will most likely find it hard to smile. You may feel that your teeth look irregular, long, and ugly. Thus, you may avoid smiling. Soft tissue grafts repair your gums so they can wrap snuggly around your teeth. It makes your smile look more beautiful and symmetrical. 



Enhances Your Confidence



When you have a beautiful smile, you boost your confidence. Soft tissue grafts bring healing of the gum. They also deal with bad breath, further enhancing your confidence. You can get back in front of people at work or your business and make presentations. When your gum has better health, your confidence improves in multiple folds.



Prevents Further Recession



Soft tissue grafts prevent your gums from receding further. They also prevent the loss of bones that support the structure of your teeth. The periodontal condition leads to the loss of this soft tissue and bone. However, soft tissue grafts reduce tissue damage and bone deterioration, preventing further exposure to the roots.



Coverage for Gums



Soft tissue grafts cover the roots of the teeth that are vulnerable to decay and gum disease. They also reduce gum and teeth sensitivity. They will restore the health of your gums. When they are healthy, they wrap around the teeth, relieving pain and discomfort. You are comfortable eating and drinking, whether the food or snack is hot or cold.



Create an Environment for Implant Placement



Sometimes, gum recession may lead to the loss of teeth faster than you can prevent it. You may end up losing your teeth, and you may need to replace them. The best way to replace teeth and prevent further gum recession is to use dental implants.


Soft tissue grafts provide a suitable environment where the dentist can place your implants. You will not have to worry about bone deterioration or gum infections.



Care for Soft Tissue Grafts



Even after the soft tissue grafts, you will still need to care for your teeth. Eat a balanced diet, brush, floss, and go for regular oral checkups.


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