According to the American Academy of Periodontology, crown lengthening is a procedure that enhances the look and function of your teeth. In this treatment, your specialist removes excess gum tissue from your mouth. After this, your dentist reshapes your jawbone. If you want to understand what makes someone a candidate for crown lengthening, here’s what you should know.

You Have Good Health


Take note that you will need an anesthetic to withstand this invasive dental treatment. To be an ideal candidate for crown lengthening, you should not have serious health conditions. Uncontrolled diabetes, allergic reactions to anesthetics, and cardiovascular conditions cause problems during the crown lengthening procedure. In case you have a serious ailment, make sure you correct it first before getting a crown lengthening procedure.

You Have Small-Looking Teeth


If you feel embarrassed about your gummy smile, you can talk to your dental specialist about lengthening your crown. Excessive gum tissue makes your teeth look boxy, small, or short. Crown lengthening is also known as gum contouring. It can reshape your gum line, making it look more symmetrical or balanced. Your dental expert will use a diode laser that cuts and cauterizes your soft gums at the same time. By using this instrument, the procedure results in less pain, bleeding, and swelling.

You Want a Healthier Mouth


Experts say that too much gum tissue allows bacteria to stay and thrive underneath your gumline. If you want to access those difficult areas, you can have functional crown lengthening. This procedure can help you floss and brush more effectively.

You Need Tooth Repair


In case you have a fractured tooth, your dental specialist can use crown lengthening to repair it. With this procedure, your dentist can remove an ample amount of bone and gum tissue to access the fractured area.

You Have Good Oral Health


Healthy gums and teeth are ideal for this procedure. In case you have periodontitis or tooth decay, talk to your dentist about correcting it first. Such issues can affect the outcome of your crown lengthening in a negative way.

You Want to Have Dental Restoration


For a new dental restoration to be successful, you can discuss crown lengthening with your dentist. The procedure can trim off excess gum tissue that usually prevents crowns or veneers from fitting properly. With crown lengthening, you can be sure to have a stable foundation for your dental rejuvenation.

You Want to Have Other Cosmetic Dental Procedures


If you want to have a fresher look for your teeth and gums, you can get dental bonding or veneers and combine it with crown lengthening. This will result in a more dramatic transformation. Your dentist can then formulate a treatment plan that suits your needs.

Crown lengthening can improve your oral health and general well-being. At Implant Dentistry Periodontics & Facial Rejuvenation, we see to it that we assist our patients well before, during, and after their dental procedures. Please visit our clinics in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida, for a one-on-one consultation. You can also call us at 813-517-0100 (Tampa) or 813-973-7770 (Wesley Chapel). We are available to help schedule your appointment or answer your questions about our crown lengthening packages.